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Crying in public may feel embarrassing, but why be ashamed to show your feelings?  The starting point of my research on tears was a very personal one, tears where plenty in the 3rd year of my study at Design Academy. Being quite an easy crier myself, after weeping in public (again) it seemed a logical step to research on the matter. 

While the process of finding out how to transform the tear minerals; salts, magnesium, calcium and potassium into the tearstones was exhausting to perfect and took nearly over a year, it gave my tears of joy when it finally worked. 


I believe that tears and crying are an opening as people to connect with eachother. The jewelry I wanted to set the stones in had to tell this story. I looked at the way tears trickle down the face and made drawings and ring designs based on this movement and the beauty of tears. 


All you need to do is pick your favourite ring material, and I will you a small glass bottle in which you need to catch your tears, send it to me and I will bake you a tearstone that is fully unique and made from your own tears. After this process I will set this in the ring of your liking and send it to you in a nice package. 

Your memory will be yours to keep, set in a piece of jewelry that is designed to last forever. 

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