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1. — Once you let me know you want to eternalize your story by placing an order, I will send you a tear kit with a glass bottle.

2. — The bottle with a silicone watertight stopper invites you to collect your tears. In the bottle are two little porcelain kernels that need to be covered in the tear fluid. It helps to shift the bottle to an angle. After crying, give the bottle some time to release the warmth of your tears and put the stopper back on tightly. There are two kernels inside the tear bottle so if in any case anything happens to the ring, I will have one extra tear stone in my archive to replace it. 


3. — Send the tear bottle to the following adress: - Studio Merle Bergers, dorpstraat vo steenstraat 25, 3732HG de Bilt, NL. To continue, I will need to know the diameter of your ring size.The ring will be custom made to the size of your finger by a specialized producer where your ring will be casted in solid 14k or 18k gold and polished to get this beautiful fluid-like shine.

4. — When I receive your collected tears I will proceed to carefully transform them into the tear- stone using a high temperature oven in my studio in Utrecht. The tiny kernels in the bottle are made out of a material that will soak up a bit of the liquid and subsequently hold some of the minerals.

The minerals will melt when fired and transform into a beautiful glaze. 

I will set your tearstone with deep respect, attention and care. After this I will package the ring nicely and send it to you by registered mail.

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